Monday, February 8, 2010

You're NOT on a Break Anymore Mommy!

My daughter is just too much sometimes. Her personality is huge and her charisma enormous. We have been driving a lot this weekend in France. As usual I have regular requests from the back seat to, "Rub me Mom! Please, will you rub me?" She is a sucker - just as I am - for someone to rub her legs, feet, hands, arms, head. My rambunctious 2 year old literally falls into a trance with the tickling repetitive motion. She will pull my arm around and place it exactly where she wants to be rubbed.

Since I sit in the passenger's seat and she directly behind me in her carseat it makes for an interesting feat in flexibility to bend back 180 degrees. After several minutes of rubbing I told Connor I needed to take a break. My muscles were cramping and my arm falling asleep. It wasn't long before Connor again asked/demanded I rub her. She declared, "Mommy, You aren't on a break anymore!"

Oh me. She really knows how to crack the whip!
And a mother's work is never done.
Thank goodness.

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