Sunday, February 7, 2010

One Man's Trash...

One man's trash is another man's treasure.

There is a huge industry in second hand markets here in Brussels. There are flea market type stores and events every day of the week and whatever the weather. One Thursday Dallas and I set off to discover the Troc market. Troc or Brocante are the French names for these sales.We found some very interesting items. Not sure who is in the market for a mannequin with a top hat, but there you go. There were a few standouts that in the right setting could be nice, but we mostly just browsed and tried out all the stuff.Connor loved crawling all over the couches which were littered with surprise stuffed friends along the way. I didn't feel too guilty because if you are going to put fun toys so strategically then you must be welcoming of toddler play.

Check out her knees in photo above. I wasn't quick enough and she kneeled in a toy house outside...right into the puddles.
Here is that pesky house Connor just couldn't get enough of. We had to do some strict bribing, negotiating, disciplining to pry her out of here!And then last Sunday Dallas and I decided to continue our trash and treasure search by checking out the Marolle Flea Market near the Palais de Justice. We met under this new recycled art outdoor exhibit. These "trees" are made from fruit crates.From here we rode the huge glass elevator down to the Marolle market. It was windy, cold, miserable weather. And I gotta say, the flea market was a little gross...especially in the rain. It was clear the dealers blindly bought boxes of junk at estate sales and sold whatever come what may. I think I would have been more patient and might have found more treasures with warmer weather and a calmer daughter, but instead we just made a few quick circles, bought hot dogs for lunch, and called it a day. At least now I can say I have been there.


Stacie B said...

We have that gorilla. (Hi name is Go Go Rilla in case you wondered...or that is what Grant will tell you it is!)

julie said...

The twins and I went to the Marolles Market in sunny July. Believe me, it is no better in warm weather. I took a picture of the twins and put it on the blog back in the summer and you can see how much they hated it. It was gross. Love the Trocs!!