Thursday, January 7, 2010

We Three Kings of Orient Are

Yesterday, January 6, was Epiphany. Aka "Three Kings Day" - the day when the kings followed the star to see Baby Jesus. We had never really recognized it til we moved to Europe. Last year was our first celebration. It is a very French tradition. My high school French teacher, M. Dubois, would be proud!In celebration I decided to make breakfast for dinner. I tried out a new recipe for Spinach and Cheese Strata. It was pretty good, but I think I was a little too heavy on the salt. I am still wrestling with the metric conversions and had to do some mind math to convert ounces to grams in measuring cheese. I learned from the internet that 8 oz equals 226.796185 grams - so you tell me, how many grams does that make 10 ounces?!?! Allergic to eggs, Connor got Mac and Cheese.
And the Three Kings we bought in Rome decorated our centerpiece!
For dessert I picked up a store-bought Three Kings Cake. The tradition is to divy the cake up and there is a tiny king figurine baked into the treat. Whoever finds it in their piece is KING!
Kirk sliced the cake. Don't worry, we didn't eat the whole thing. Just had to make sure that king was in someone's piece.
Kirk found the king! And donned the golden paper crown!But it wasn't long before our little princess wanted a turn too.Happy Three Kings Day!!!Click here for photos from Three Kings Day


Karen said...

Brady and I tried to find the king in ours, but didn't. Of course, we also ate only one piece of the cake. We'll have to search again tonight! Oh, darn, more cake!

Dallas said...

Awesome! We picked up one of those cakes at the grocery store and ours had a little blue monster hidden in it from the new Avatar movie. :) Happy 3 King's Day!