Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Our Epiphany

Happy Three Kings Day! That's right it is the 12th day of Christmas! Not really a celebration I ever fully noted in the past, but our new church here (nondenominational) focused on it - and as a stay at home mom it is nice to have a theme to work around. We dressed up like the 3 Kings (today was the day they came with their gifts to Bethlehem) and sang "Star of Wonder, Star of Light" with You Tube backup music. Plus we had a "Twelfth Night Cake" at dinner which was really a baguette were I hid frozen peas. It was then Kirk's job to divide the bread, unknowing of where the peas were. And the tradition is that whoever finds the "prize" in their piece - in this case the peas - would be king or queen for the year. Ha! I am the Queen!

On a more somber note though. It is truly hard to believe that this very place where the three Kings came bearing gifts so long ago is now such a war zone. We are trying hard to understand the history and motives behind what is happening in Israel right now. How humbling to realize how little we understand. The whole thing is utterly confusing, complex and sad. I hope there is a way out before things get too much worse. It is an interesting time to live in Europe. I wonder if folks in the USA are as engaged and passionate about the unrest as here. Hard for me to tell. Our world leaders remain even moreso in my prayers.

PS - Two tangent updates:

#1 - Many thanks to all of you who sent Christmas cards. I strung the photo cards all down our hallway, so many of you smile at us as we go about our life everyday. It makes us smile back!

#2 - For anyone wondering about Connor's new stove, it is assembled and a hit with our little girl. Nothing very fancy, but it does the trick in engaging her while I try to get things done in the REAL kitchen!

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