Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sitting with Santa

We were lucky to be home for the holidays. Connor will only be two years old one Christmas, so we decided to make the trek across the Atlantic. Brussels is great, but it just doesn't feel quite like Christmas without family all around. And how could we deny Connor's grand and great grandparents the childhood joy of Christmas morning?!?

Plus, there are some American traditions we just had to get done. Sitting with Santa just doesn't happen in Europe. So we managed to squeeze in a trip to the local shopping mall to sit on Santa's knee.
It didn't go so well. I am shocked the photographer even got this one amidst all the wriggles and wails! Last year's visit went marginally better (below). But to tell the truth, Santa looked happier in 2008 too.
The best trip was Connor's very first in 2007. The "Phipps Santa" in Atlanta is THE Santa. You have to make a reservation with him in October. But it is totally worth it as you are rewarded with no line and a very classy Saint Nick!
Look at those bare tootsies! What was I thinking? Here's hoping we can pull it together with Santa in 2010!!!

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Dallas said...

You've got her dressed in such gorgeous dresses. Even if she's not smiling in this year's photo, she's precious.