Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Here We Go Round the Merry Go Round, More Plaisirs D'Hiver

I have already written a lot about Brussels' Christmas Market, Plaisirs D'Hiver. But it is hard to limit or edit too much. It is a surreal feeling to live right in the middle of it all.
This is a block away from our apartment...And this a couple of blocks in the other direction!
This is our street. The giant baby photos kind of freaked me out. I didn't quite get it.
This is also our street. From the other direction.
The scents of vin chaud and frites fill the air!
And stacks of cheese are everywhere.
The St Catherine Church is one I can see from our apartment window.
And the giant blow up dinosaur makes me gasp every time we pass him.
Definitely best of all are the two old timey carousels at the Plaisirs D'Hiver. They are antique metal and the individual 'animals' boast the most incredible details. A dinosaur, a cello, a ship that blows smoke and even a rocket ship that blasts off during the ride - right through the top of the tent! We met Brady and Karen here one afternoon and took several spins.
The flying airplane was a favorite. Brady up front and Connor in the back!
Blast Off!!!
The bow on the cello went up and down the strings as the ride twirled around!
After the carousel we tried out the sledding hill and Brady drove the ice bike while Connor cheered him on.
Nothing caps off the fun better than a couple of warm Belgian waffles!
They are working day and night to take down the Plaisirs D'Hiver right now. We hear the banging of disassembly and there are cranes all around undecorating it all. We miss you Plaisirs D'Hiver (but we are happy to have our parking spaces back!)

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Shannon, Tony, Grayson & Max said...

oh we LOVE that roundabout! we have pictures of Grayson in the hot air balloon (as you might imagine, that was our first choice)