Wednesday, December 30, 2009


The Grand Place during the Christmas market, Plaisirs d'Hiver, is a magical experience. We took Connor right before Christmas to soak it all in. We were particularly inspired by the snowflakes in the light show against the magnificent City Hall. So inspired that we decided to give snowflake making a try in our home...

Before you are too impressed know that I used this online template to make our snowflakes. And cut them one night after Connor's bedtime. She is not quite ready for the patience scissors require. Glittering however, that is right up her alley! I was pleased with how they came out and Connor was instantly intrigued by the white patterns! Which is always a good start!
Our cheap pink IKEA table makes the perfect little crafting station for these indoor crafts.We were ready to glue and glitter. We first tried to paint the glue on the flakes directly, but that didn't make for very efficient glitter-shaking and our fingers ended up sticking to the paper!
So in the end we went with glue swirls, dots and other designs. There is glitter in every square inch of our apartment now, but we had fun. And now we live in a winter wonderland!
Connor is quick to point out and shriek at her creations when bounding into our living room. The paper snowflakes must have cast their spell too. Because within a couple of days Brussels was covered by an uncharacteristic blanket of real snow!


Dallas said...

I love all the seasonal decorations you use in your home. What a festive, fun place!

Karen said...

too cute! can't wait to see them!

Shannon, Tony, Grayson & Max said...

I loved your video - and what gorgeous snowflakes! great idea for the kiddo!