Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Parallel Parking

I have mentioned before we live smack in the heart of downtown Brussels. And Brussels is a major metropolitan city. Probably the most challenging part of living where we do is circling the narrow cobbled streets trying to find a parking space. It takes patience and usually gives me white knuckles by the time I find a spot big, legal and safe enough for our car. As city residents we don't have to pay if we are parked in Secteur 1...but this adds another layer to the adventure...since we are limited to certain streets. I have become quite good at the parallel parking task. Thankfully it wasn't a required skill when I got my driver license at age 16. But man I could ace it now after all this practice. It is not for the faint of heart! It is usually a tight squeeze and requires love taps on the cars on either side.
You can therefore imagine our dismay when with this perfect parking job we awoke and found our car with this massive dent and scrape one Saturday morning. Someone must have misjudged their front end when backing into a spot across the narrow street. And of course, no note.
Kirk filed a police report and thankfully his work's insurance covers the damage. Still 100% driveable, just one of those nuisances of living downtown.
I am looking forward to a driveway when we are back in the USA!

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