Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Santa Spotting at AWCB

After a big St. Nicholas morning and celebrating the first week of Advent at church we headed to the AWCB for their Annual Christmas Party. Definitely helped make it feel more like the Christmas I know to be around American children and their parents.Kirk and Connor started with making Christmas crafts. Coloring with markers and fun with glue...a mother's dream for a holiday smocked dress.
My friend Nicki was there crafting right along with us with her sweet family. Her youngest plays with Connor in the creche all the time!
Even Rani was there! We love Rani! She cares for the children in the creche while mommies get a little break. Rani is from Sri Lanka where she studied economics. We are so lucky and thankful for her good care of Connor.
After a light lunch the jolly old man himself arrived. I have no idea how to explain Santa on St. Nicholas day, but luckily there weren't too many questions about the duo of gift givers. Connor was super excited to see Santa - yet she also kept her distance at first, sizing up the situation.
There were many good little girls and boys waiting for their time with Santa.
Once Santa got settled and gave a few "ho, ho, hos!" he got down to business. He just happened to have brought a gift for every single child. He called them up one by one to come get their presents.
Connor started out in her daddy's arms in the back taking it all in.
Then she pulled Kirk up closer to sit on the floor with the other children.
And finally Santa called Connor up! Look at that face.
GOT IT! Santa brought a special treat just for Connor! What do ya know?!?!
What could it be?!?It was a Barbie-esque doll who we named Pink Rose. By this hour naptime had long come and gone. Our Connor was so sleepy. After Santa bestowed the gift upon her we had to skidaddle and G-O! Look at those tired (yet still excited) eyes...What a fabulous day. It was a Christmas wonderland of fun and festivities. Now I know even more the joy involved in living through your child's happiness.

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Ali Meyer said...

Looks like it was a fun time...wish we could have gone as well!