Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Plaisirs D'Hiver 2009

Brussels' Christmas market is in full swing these days, the Plaisirs d'Hiver. It is a big one and takes place right underneath our apartment! We hear all the holiday cheer every night this time of the year. Sunday evening we headed out to experience the fun.The Bourse was bathed in beautiful pink light. Connor was quick to point it out.
Only in Europe would you find Foie Gras sold at a Christmas market stand. Imagine seeing this - duck liver - sold at the equivalent of a state fair booth. Nope, would never happen in the USA.
The Grand Place is all decked out. The power company sponsors a music and light show against this tower.
We took in the lights all over the Grand Place then headed to the Saint Catherine square.
And we went ICE SKATING!!!! With these adorable strap on skates, why not?
There was a special area made just for kids with walker-type structures to help the little ones get the hang of it.
We tried out the big people's rink too. Connor was a pro.
Look out Winter Olympians! Give Connor some music and a sequined costume and she will be a serious competitor in no time! She loved ice skating and has spoken of nothing else since our ice capades.

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