Monday, December 7, 2009

Intercontinental in Warsaw

Last Poland post, promise. But I needed to devote an entire entry to our lovely hotel. Ladies and gentleman - we stayed at the Intercontinental right in the center of town for....drumroll....34 euros a night!
Did I tell you Poland was a deal?!?!
The Intercontinental did not disappoint. We stayed on the 41st floor and overlooked the city.
Connor woke up and loved snuggling in the covers - nice bed head, Connor! We had a real king bed rather than the European tradition of pushing two twins together.
She stayed in our bed all morning long. Even long after she was dressed. I just love the way a diaper-less Connor looks in jeans.
There was a health club with a pool on the 43rd floor! When the weather turned against us it made for a swimming wonderland. Just check out the views.
One of the strangest hotel happenings was when we were searching for cartoons for Connor on the hotel TV. Guess what we found...
...Fellow children of the 80s will get a kick out of this. Remember the Gummi Bears cartoon? Imagine seeing it dubbed completely in Polish! Brought back many memories!

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Sues said...

HA!!! I *loved* The Gummi Bears!!!

I can't believe the views from that hotel pool - DREAMY!