Monday, December 7, 2009

Brussels Circus

The Brussels Circus is in town for three months! Maybe that should have been a hint. Nothing spectacular ever stays put for that long. Let's just say it was a far cry from Ringling Brothers' three rings. But how could we deny our children a visit to the big top? The ads are posted all over Brussels. Karen, Brady, Connor and I headed to the Atomium to check it out.Connor thought the leopard jumping from podium to podium was the best part. The acrobatics, taken with the right attitude, were not bad. But the performers were older than I expected. You could see their wrinkles under the spotlights! The clown was pretty pathetic. Perhaps some of the comedy was lost in translation since the dialog was French?But in the end did any of that matter? No way. Brady and Connor seemed to soak it all in. And the smaller, more subdued atmosphere was probably a good way for those two to ease into circus fanfare.

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