Sunday, November 1, 2009

Trick or Treat in Waterloo

We had a happy Halloween and hope you did too - with lots of treats and very few tricks! Even though there really isn't "Halloween" per se in Europe (they are more into All Saints' Day, Nov 1), we found a suburban neighborhood in Waterloo conducting a true trick or treat and a friend invited us to join in. It happened on Thursday though since the international private schools were on Fall Break over October 31 and therefore most would be traveling. Leave it to an expat Belgian neighborhood to move Halloween!
Connor's ballerina costume she wore to the AWC party was a little light for the post-Daylight-Savings-weather so this night we opted for the Belle Velcro Princess. We rehearsed the steps to a good Trick or Treat and Connor was prepped and ready with her 'Trick or Treat' and 'Thank You!' I wasn't sure how it would all work out, but was determined for my little girl to have this very American experience an ocean away.
Kirk came home a little early and we mazed through rush hour traffic out to Waterloo (~40 minutes away). There was something comforting pulling in to find little ghosts and witches marching about squealing with glee in the dark.
Connor took in the literally HUNDREDS of kids mulling all around the neighborhood. (We weren't the only ones 'bused in' to the neighborhood!) She immediately understood what she was supposed to do and was off and running.
At first we followed right behind her like shadows as Connor went up to the houses. She showed quite a bit of confidence and poise. And it wasn't long before she noticed that even though she was by far the youngest at the event, she was also the only kid whose parents didn't remain back on the street while she went to the front doors alone...
Halfway through the night Connor approached each home and turned back to instruct us to stay back and that she was going "all by herself!!!" I cringed as she joined the mob of costumed kiddos and was swept away and up to each door, but also proud. I watched the candy-givers smile at our little Belle and all her courageous independence.
I think she got the hang of it! My little pumpkin LOVED Trick or Treating! Belle was literally beaming with her loot.

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Sues said...

Awww! I can imagine how comforting & exciting it was to see good old American-style trick-or-treating! She is gorgeous, & I love that she got so into it!