Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Happy Hour at the Royal Park

When the days were still sunny and warm we went to the Royal Park and danced and twirled all over this green, leafy space nestled between the EU headquarters and the royal palace. We were determined to smush out all the unusually warm weather would give us from those long summer afternoons. On this day we even called Kirk and told him to please just meet us at the park on his way home from work so we could linger longer.There is something about a Dad still in his business suit playing outside with his little girl. The relief and stress of the workday fade away and the importance of play and laughter immediately take over.
The new sculpture exhibit in the Royal Park is eye catching. I am not sure if it is permanent or temporary. But the rust-colored curley qs were a hit with our little one!
It was a great evening at the Royal Park. We threw leaves in the fish pond and played hard on the playground. I already miss those warm evenings of early autumn. How quickly the temperature changes!

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