Thursday, November 19, 2009

In Her Shoes in Hasselt

I saw this poster outside my apartment several months ago and knew I just had to go to In Her Shoes. A shoe exhibit - how fun! I am not incredibly sophisticated at wearing fancy-dancy shoes. Especially these days. It is sneakers and jeans all the way when schlepping a huge stroller all over Belgium. But I do love shoes. One day I hope I can dig my heels back out to prance around.

Karen and I darted down the highway an hour to the ModeMuseum in Hasselt to check out those shoes in all their glory!
We were not disappointed in the least! There were shoes of every shape, size and color on display.
Imagine strutting your stuff in these HIGH heels? I don't know that I could angle my feet enough to even put them on. But they sure look sexy!
There were shoes from every era - past, present and future.
We gaped at all of the styles and designs in this unique exhibit. Picking out our favorite shoe in every room. Shoes really do speak to the female soul.
I especially enjoyed the presentation of the shoes. The curator did a great job. Empty shoe boxes provide a wonderful palette.
Connor thought the pink tutu shoe (in front) was pretty dad gum great!
In Her Shoes was a fulfilling morning getaway. Brady was in school so it was just us three girls. I think Connor is hooked. She came straight home and put on her glitter pink princess heels.

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