Friday, November 20, 2009

Cruise the Meuse

Liege is a major Belgian metropolis 90 minutes east of Brussels. It had been on my list to check out for months now, just never seemed to make it happen. When I read the cruises on the Meuse River were ending for the season, it was the impetus I needed to get there. Quick!

So one Friday after Music Class we met up with Karen and Brady and headed to Liege. The afternoon was one of those sacred warm Fall days. A fantastic day for a boat cruise. Although apparently no one else seemed to think so because when we reached the boat we were the ONLY ONES aboard. I felt a little guilty the guy had to take the boat out for a private cruise when we were only paying 5 euros per adult, but oh well.
The boat took us all over Liege's Meuse River running right through the city. There was a surprising amount of park space lining the route and the Autumn leaves were very much aglow. Lucky us!
The kids started off paying attention and sitting relatively still. But then they must have glimpsed back from our seats up front to realize they had the entire boat to themselves. They skipped down the boat aisle to the back and played. They were awfully affectionate with each other. Hugs and kisses all around. We haven't been able to see Brady quite as much as before since he is in school now, but my goodness. Kirk, we are totally in trouble with our little flirt! After the boat ride we spied a full on fair. Karen and I were both missing the NC State Fair (wow, never thought I would admit that), so we couldn't pass it up. The kids were THRILLED!

Brady and Connor rode the carousel (horse-asel) of course. But we also got brave and let them on some of these self-propelled baby roller coasters. This last one I didn't feel like Connor could ride alone. But Brady was determined to ride so that meant Connor had to also. After some internal debate I decided to suck up my pride and ride along with her. Thankfully the kiddie car didn't give out with the additional adult weight and Connor didn't seem to think it was too lame that her mom was along for the ride.
We actually had a great time!
We indulged in freshly made apple beignets; the smells of the food had our mouths watering. Yum-o!!!
Liege was a blast. Our quick trip turned into an afternoon and evening affair. I think our husbands wondered what had gotten in to us, but we couldn't get enough. I am sure there is a lot more to do in Liege, but for us the Meuse Cruise combined with the fair made for a big hit!


Dallas said...

Cute photos in this post. What a treat to get a private cruise. :)

Ali Meyer said...

It was nice that you had the boat to yourselves so the kids could the way, it looks like you're going to have your hands full when Connor is older, kissing and hugging the boys already!

The carnival looked fun as well...I bet the kidos were thrilled!