Sunday, October 4, 2009

Picnic in the Abbey de la Cambre

As Summer wound down we decided a picnic was in order as we squeezed out the last of the hot summer evenings. We met Dallas and Thomas at the Abbey de la Cambre for an impromptu dinner. We agreed to bring whatever we had in our fridge as opposed to going out since it was a low key picnic and our ice boxes needed raiding. I had already bought the ingredients to make endamame salad based on a recommendation from my friend Stephanie. Doesn't it look yummy?Here is recipe for anyone who still has some picnicking left this season. It is a scrumptious side dish with mint, lemon, paremsan and endamame beans.

Dallas brought some American Jumbo Jet-Puffed marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers. We squished all together for a smores sandwich. It was delic!!! Ironically enough though Connor was hesitant about the marshmallows. I think they were a little too big for her mouth. No problem, more for us!We brought along our parachute, Frisbees, and the big red dodgeball. Yet the activity that took the cake was sliding down the big hill in the Abbey with Thomas in a race. Thankfully the grass stains were kept to a minimum while they maxed out the fun!The night was a perfect European picnic. As we were leaving the Abbey this was the scene at my front. It made me want to weep in gratitude for warm summer nights with dear friends and good, easy food.Click here for full album photos from our Fun in the Sun Saturday at Mechelen, Kirk's Office, and our Picnic at the Abbey


Dallas said...

I'm glad you got some photos from that night - I didn't get any. And thanks for posting the edemame recipe. It was delicious. Did you buy them frozen or fresh?

Kirk, Reid and Connor said...

I bought the beans frozen and already shelled. I tried the recipe later with shelling them myself and it wasn't worth all the effort. They are usually in American grocery stores shelled in the frozen veggie section. I got mine at the Chinese market near my house.

Karen said...

Love the abbey! Last time Brady and Tony went there was a juggler practicing on the lawn. Brady likes going there even better than to a "real" park with swings!