Sunday, October 4, 2009

Helping Daddy Work

Recently Connor tagged along as Daddy dropped by the office for some weekend work errands. It was a "take your daughter to work" kind of Saturday. Here is Kirk's Belgian office. Chic lobby with white decor and orchids. Perfect for a reckless toddler to come and make her mark with sticky fingerprints and muddy shoes.All of the desks and "offices" look like this. No walls. No dividers between desks. I have no idea how those bean counters can possibly concentrate with all this side by side togetherness!?!Connor found these blue and yellow cart-along crates and lickety split she was inside! And looking cute. The CPAs use them to carry around the brightly colored binders of work papers that abound. We used them to roll around this Connor - up and down the empty hallways.But best of all was the break room. Free Cokes and cushy lavender chairs. We had to check out where Daddy eats lunch everyday. I was impressed by the decor in the cafeteria. Pretty chic.This may look like a normal cafeteria with trays and cutlery, but then how many office cafeterias do you know that GIVE AWAY beer for lunch?!? I guess there is no charge for the drinks at EY and if you look closely at the cooler, there are Stella beers cold and waiting...Seeeee..... Kirk tells me no one drinks them, but it was odd. And even odder that on a weekend they were still out and available.Kirk really does work hard here. This particular week was especially stressful as Kirk burned the midnight oil to untangle an uncooperative client. To make matters more complex all the corporate documentation was in Flemish - so Kirk spent much time with his Google Translator. I am so proud of my hard working hubbie!


Dallas said...

That's fantastic that you got to take Connor to work with you. I think I only saw my dad's office at IBM once when I was a kid, and at that time, I thought he made binder clips since that's what he always brought home from the office. :)

Courtney said...

Those brightly colored, 2 rings binders are all too familiar at Arla. Unfortunately they don't sell them in the US and not many pieces of paper come with 2 holes instead of 3!