Monday, August 3, 2009

Saturday Morning in Brussels

I am not sure we have spent even one Saturday morning in Brussels to date. So when we found ourselves in town and lazing around last Saturday it was a big deal. We ate pancakes and stayed in our PJs til 10 AM. Even our firecracker ball of energy seemed to play it cool while we took it easy! It wasn't long til we took Connor to the Royal Park though to play.And play we did! We played and played and played!Til we could play no more!And in Belgium when you can play no more it is time to go for chocolate! We headed down the Rue Royale to check out the much acclaimed "Mary Chocolatier" mentioned in our 1,000 Places to See Before You Die book. The place was fancy and dripping with glittering crystal and luscious chocolates.And throughout the store was quite the "Who's Who" of chocolate customers...

Mary, the chocolatier, makes her chocolates all handmade without preservatives or artificial colors. She has held the "Belgian Royal Warrant" since 1942 for making chocolates. Not sure I totally understand what this means, but to us it meant that their chocolates must be the most expensive in town! It was 8 euros for a box of 8! We indulged and checked off our Mary Chocolatier experience. They were delicious, despite the price.

Saturday morning in Brussels was fun. Not many folks out and felt we had the entire city to ourselves.

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