Thursday, August 27, 2009

Put Pocketing - What a Concept!

I just loved this idea and it makes me want to head to London just be be potentially "Put Pocketed!"

Anti-crime in London: Putpocketing gives money to tourists
Written by Amanda Kendle

Fingers crossed, touch wood, and so on, I’ve never been a victim of a crime while I’ve been travelling – never had anything stolen, never even had an airline lose my luggage. I’m sure part of my luck has been because I’ve been careful and don’t leave money hanging out of my back pocket, but it’s still partly luck. Especially the airline bit!

In any case, news in London recently got me thinking about crime that hits travellers, and pickpocketing is one that often gets a mention. But the nice part is that this time there is some anti-pickpocketing going on – they’re calling it putpocketing because a bunch of reformed pickpocketers are going around putting money into the pockets and bags of people in key tourist areas of the city. It’s part of an advertising campaign for a broadband provider but even if it is a bit of a marketing trick, it’s still true that thousands of unsuspecting tourists and locals are ending up with an extra £5 to £20 at the end of the day. Look out for a putpocketer if you’re in London!

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