Thursday, July 9, 2009

Plain Pasta

Before I had kids I used to think the Moms who stuffed their kids with plain pasta were nuts. I swore up and down I would raise a child with a broad food palette and plain pasta would be a rarity. I'm busted! What is it about kids and pasta?!?! I am going to rationalize that they just need the extra carbs for energy. It is just so easy to keep on hand for the nights I am exhausted and can't be adventurous with dinner. I get credit for at least putting peas in for color, right?!?!
Moral of the story: Be careful what you say you won't do as a Mom before you actually are one!

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Jenna said...

Reid, I love your blog! You are such a great writer and it makes me want to go places that aren't even on our travel radar! :) I am amazed at all that you do along with a toddler, it seems like you never slow down!

We are planning on going to Brussels the 1st weekend of August. We were planning Brussels one day and Bruges the next, we are open to suggestions and all the advice you would like to give us!