Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A Darn Hot Day in the Life

When we left Hot 'Lanta we were told "it never gets hot in Belgium." HA! Wrong! Last week it was in the 90s! And remember no air conditioning over here. It was hot, hot, hot! Kirk was out of town on business and I thought Connor and I might melt in the beating sun. Our apartment is VERY sunny and heats up fast!
Luckily months ago I bought secondhand fans from another expat moving back to the USA for the bargain price of 5 euros apiece (they were going for 45 euros at our local hardware store --- thanks for the deal Emily!) One of the fans was brand new so I had to figure out how to put all the pieces together. I was without a screwdriver but managed to twist everything in place manually enough to get it going. I was pretty desperate to get some breeze! Connor was a big help in the midst of the sweat!

Connor just sat and let the breeze blow over her! You know it is HOT when a two year old sits still! Or when dogs get impromptu baths in the street fountains like this one we saw! Connor found this hilarious.

I thought it might help to get out and about. I took Connor to the Ommegang Medieval Festival going on at the Grand Place and Sablon. Here are some of the images of the event as we strolled the city streets.

Luckily we didn't melt! But boy do I miss air conditioning!

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