Thursday, June 11, 2009

Villers Abbey

Look at this sweet face....I am so thankful I get to spend my days with this precious little girl and her loving smile. She bursts with personality. She keeps me laughing, surprising me all the time. I am exhausted by the end of every day from running after her while I try to teach and parent, but I am so fulfilled with this important job during my career break from the corporate ladder.

After our big trip through Provence and Germany/Austria we were in a serious case of "Brady Withdrawal," so even with laundry piling and empty cupboards we set out on a field trip to nearby Villers Abbey to fill up our Brady and Karen friendship wells. Connor was delighted to have her best friend back. They just ran and played together all around the gorgeous abbey ruins.
We were the only ones at Villers Abbey so it was fun to let the kids play football in the green grass and splash in the fountain. The place was surely laden with history and incredible facts, but the only stories we wanted to hear was to catch up with our dear friends after many days apart. Connor ran so hard that her blond curls matted to her head and we had to bribe the two kids to sit down long enough to take a water break and refresh before starting all over again. We missed you Karen and Brady!

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