Thursday, June 11, 2009

Nuremburg in the Blue Night and our Enchanting Hotel

When we checked into our last hotel on our Germany/Austria road trip we were happy to see how "enchanting" the place was. Hotel Drei Raben had modern, artsy decor and a wonderful warm glow for a family of tired travelers. The rooms are "myth rooms" and they come with Franconian fairy tales on the wall. When we got to our room there was a little sign that read "Welcome Willingham Family!" (in English) and they even parked our car for us so we didn't have to wrestle with the Saturday night traffic. We felt spoiled that a place would actually anticipate our arrival and "catch" us so completely.
There was a "Blue Night" festival vibrating out our windows. But thankfully we are used to a lot of outdoor noise so it didn't bother us a bit; rather it entertained us. It looked like an awesome annual event with upbeat energy. If we hadn't been so dog tired from all the "Berg" towns we would have been there in a heartbeat. That and the 7 PM bedtime that was already stretched too far. My how life changes with kids. Our trips are half as expensive since we usually end up with light, fast dinners and our night life is dictated by a sleeping toddler, our computer, baths and books. But I wouldn't have it any other way!
So the last thing I have to say about our Nuremberg hotel is this:
Does this freak anyone else out? In our fairy tale room this was the entrance to the bathroom. I am all for modern decor but this may be stretching it. A see thru door really is not needed into a room with a toilet...ever. No matter how intriguing the interior design. Luckily the incredible breakfast buffet balanced out the odd toilet door design.

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BelgiumBound said...

Ugh! I don't mind that it's see through, but how weird to have a "ghost" right there? I agree - kinda strange!