Friday, June 19, 2009

Off to Gay Par-ee!

We seem to not be able to get enough of Paris so when we found out that FOUR Oakhurst neighbors were all going to be in “Gay Paris” we couldn’t resist making another trip to be together. It was yet another Monday May holiday so a Sunday - Monday overnight seemed just the thing to round out our visit. Kirk "Pricelined" (funny how that has become a verb!) a Renaissance hotel for 80 USD right at the La Defense monument. Not smack dab in the city center, but it really doesn’t matter with Paris’ extensive metro system.Before meeting up with the Oakhurst gang we had on our list to take Connor to the Tuillerie Gardens to PLAY! Every time we come to Paris it has been all about “go here, do this, see that” and this time we thought it would be refreshing to live like a local and just have a low key afternoon with our baby. Nestled away from the Champs Elysee tons of garden fun awaited us. There was of course the European staple, the classic merry-go-round…
There was also an area full of trampolines. Connor was too little to jump, but it was a delight to watch. I especially got a kick out of the girls with the tutus and dance costumes waiting their turn!
Finally we were ready to let loose on the playground. Connor just ran and ran. Her legs looked so long to me in her short dress. Where did those chubby baby legs go? She was very independent checking out every little thing alongside the Parisian children. Sometimes I think she just has no fear!Some of the French playground equipment would never pass an American safety test. But boy is it FUN!I loved these shots of Connor on the horsey and couldn’t decide between them so am including both...After lots of Tuillerie fun we walked past the Place de la Concorde fountains. This is our third crossing in three months and every time we have come there have been numerous brides being photographed. It is beautiful and all, but a little humerous to see the sparkling brides being blown around amidst the tourists and traffic on their big day.At long last we met Heather, Troy, Jennifer, and David – our Oakhurst gang – for dinner. We metro'd to the Latin Quarter and had a finger lickin’ dinner at the best restaurant I have ever eaten at in Paris. Figures it would be called, “The Great Canadian Pub” – oh me, I guess the fancy dancy French dining just isn’t my cup of tea. It was with a happy heart that we ate, watched tennis on TV and caught up on neighborhood scoop. Oh how I miss our friendly, fun Atlanta surroundings.

The Latin Quarter was certainly the place to be. Hip, happening, and any place that sells used books and ink drawings on the Seine is just oozing sophistication, don't you think?Troy taught Connor how to create penne fingernails! Thanks Troy!After dinner we people-watched overlooking the Seine at sunset. There were picnickers lining the river ramparts and Connor was overjoyed with all the boats coming by. It was late and we needed to get her to bed, but her calls for "one more boat" were convincing. Connor would wave like a beauty queen down to the tour boats and they waved back at her!!! It was a terrific evening with dear friends and forever memories of our time together in "Gay Par-ee!"

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