Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Another day trip - We recently set out on a morning in Namur, the capital of the Wallonia region of Belgium. Dallas came too - which is always a special treat!
Namur is considered to be the "Gateway to the Ardennes" - the Ardennes is a region of Belgium full of mountains, forests and nature. I hope to find time to explore the Ardennes more sufficiently one day. For now the "Gateway" will have to do!

The most dominant structure in Namur is the vast hilltop Citadel. We didn't make it up there but it was impressive enough from the ground. I could sense the military importance from the past. But this day it was all about poking in the shops and cafes and strolling around the town's side streets.
We did battle gloomy weather, but somehow the rains held off until we left. It felt a little like the humidity gods were just holding their breath ready to let loose so we had to be umbrella-ready at all times!
So while we did enjoy the outdoors, we spent a lot of time inside in the toy stores in Namur. They seemed to be quite numerous - or maybe I was just imagining it with the rain threat! Connor had been a trooper through a busy, busy month and it had been many weeks since the last new toy, so I let her pick out a special treat. She selected a toy giraffe that fits perfectly in her hand! Here she is showing it off - with one shoe on and one shoe off.
Dallas' special treat came when we stumbled across a fabric shop. She found a darling turtle print. I am sure she will whip it into something incredible. Oh, to be able to sew!
We dined at Le Pain Quotidian and headed home. While I am glad I know what Namur is all about, and I of course loved the company of Dallas and Connor, I am not sure I would put Namur on my short list of my most loved Belgian towns. It did have a youthful, trendy feel even in the rain on a Thursday morning - but also the feel of a transitional city that hasn't quite arrived.
Here is Dallas' post on her blog about our fun in Namur:
And a few of my favorite shots she took (below). She is an awesome photographer. Can even make a grey, dreary day look beautiful in photos!

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