Monday, May 18, 2009

Tickle my Toes and Brush my Hair!

OK this is honestly the funniest phase ever with Connor. She is obsessed with having someone tickle her toes of brush her hair. And her very favorite tickler is of course, Brady!!! She literally will take her shoes and socks off calling out, "Tickle toes! Tickle toes!" It makes me want to hoot and holler. Brady is so kind because he willingly obliges. The other day I said, "Brady is coming over" and Connor immediately looked up at me and said, "Tickle toes?" while reaching for her feet. Not sure exactly what this is all about, but we are glad we found a way to calm and soothe Connor no matter what.

She is also a huge fan of having her head brushed. Still not too much hair on that head to brush, but it is another way to immediately make Connor still and quiet. Most nights as we are saying our prayers Connor insists on Kirk brushing her hair.

Two funny habits of my two year old!!!

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