Thursday, May 7, 2009

Athens and the Acropolis

We have been traveling through Greece for the past week. We found $100 round trip tickets on Lufthansa (departing out of Frankfurt) last Fall and felt like it was a chance too good to pass up. Plus with Connor still under 2 the opportunity to milk the “babies fly free” policy tipped the scales to cause us to “Carpe diem!” So we have been researching and planning this dream trip ever since. I never thought I would be carting a toddler to Greece but here we are. And here she is on day one of our adventure atop the Acropolis! The Proctors came with us on this trip and I delighted in the regular laughter and banter that comes with the companionship of two toddler friends. I can’t help but to wonder if Brady and Connor will have any memories of being taken all around Europe to the wonders of the world.
We were lucky enough to stay at a Holiday Inn near the airport on a 'friends and family' rate so we took the bus in to Athens to explore. In one afternoon we were able to climb to the top of the Acropolis to see the Parthenon, the Temple of Zeus and the first Olympic stadium.
I was surprised by the ruins being right next to the bustle of the city. Motorcycles zoomed by and business as usual took place steps away from ancient ruins. The NBC Olympic scenes of the city sprawl that is Athens kept flashing in my head. The city is enormous and everything is a shade of white. I think we must have lucked out again to be traveling during an semi off season. We practically had the Acropolis to ourselves. Thank goodness too since Connor and Brady were intent on picking up and throwing rocks! Why oh why must every site in Europe have rocks everywhere?!?! It is so hard to keep Connor’s little fingers out of them! The temptation is too great. Finally Kirk and Connor compromised that she could hold a rock in each hand, but “no throwing!” We will see how long that lasts!
I realize how much I have to learn about Greek history! It is hard to imagine how old these ruins really are and to appreciate their splendor. But visiting really helped it all come alive. Maybe one day when Connor is studying Greek history and mythology I will be able to relearn along with her – this time with the real live experience of seeing it all under our belts!
Click here for additional photos of Athens and the Acropolis (full album)

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Ali Meyer said...

I enjoyed remembering how cool Athens is by checking out your blog. We went last June/July and had a great time, but had to fight a few crowds. Did you buy Connor one of those cute flowy bright Greek dresses? I bought a maroon/wine colored sun dress for my 1 1/2 yr old niece which I heard looks adorable on her...I should have bought 2! Once again great pics!