Friday, April 3, 2009

Womens Club Group

This week I got to indulge in another 'Ladies Night Out' dinner with a new group of friends from the American Women's Club. We are an eclectic group of 6 at all different life stages. No kids, young kids, school age kids, grown kids...isn't it funny how kids define life stages?!?! But we were all in the same Hints class at the AWCB and have found a blossoming friendship since. We are hopeful to have monthly dinners together going forward. That is if we can calendar juggle effectively to make it happen with 6 busy women.

Tuesday night Anne kicked off our get togethers with champagne in her house in Chatelain. Her home is immaculate and her family made us feel so welcome and warm. In small world irony, her husband oversees the Coca-Cola water distribution in Europe. We of course had fun talking Coke!

After drinks and hors d'oeuvres we headed to a snazzy restaurant called En Face de Parachute. The ambiance was wonderful and cozy. The waiter came and translated the entire menu especially for us and the food was scrumptious. I had the vegetable risotto, yum!
But the best part of all was the way the 6 of us laughed, told stories and bonded instantly. Two of the other women have had multiple overseas assignments so hearing their tales of abroad living in Ireland, Istanbul, Paris, London, and Vienna was hilarious and helpful! We talked and talked until we finally had to look at the time and to our amazement it was 11:30 PM! Oops. Funny how girlfriends can help me feel even more at ease and normal in a strange city.

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