Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Week of Fun with Brady!

Karen and Tony have had a lineup of back-to-back visitors this past month, so we haven’t been able to see a lot of them. Especially combined with our recent travel schedule. So this week, we wasted no time getting our little ones together after we got back from Turkey. Connor missed Brady and asked about him often. The two of them have become good friends!

On Wednesday we went to the Kessel-Lo provincial domain (fancy name in Belgium for park). We started off in grey but dry, albeit iffy, weather. But by the time we drove the 30 minutes to the park it had turned cold and was spitting rain. Ugh. We let the kids run around for a little while. Kessel-Lo is a beautiful park with lots of green fields, a lake, and a children’s area with animals and a playground. We endured as much we could in the wind and rain and then packed it up. But not before Connor and Brady rode on the sheep statues and marveled at the animals. I was bummed we didn’t make it to the playground, but it will be a gorgeous spot in the nicer weather to return to.
After our park misadventure we headed to Stone Manor. Stone Manor is a British/American grocery store in Everberg (there is also one in Waterloo). There they sell some of the foods and products we can’t get in European stores. We loaded our carts with bagels, frozen corn, string cheese, Easter treats and chili beans. It is just a fun place to remember all the foods we miss, even if their prices are at a premium! How funny is it that a playdate to a grocery store can be so fulfilling?!?!

Thursday we took Connor and Brady to the Brussels Aquarium. I must say that coming from the Atlanta Aquarium it was a bit of a let down. But then again the Atlanta Aquarium is the biggest in the world. The children didn’t mind though, they liked the fish and LOVED the little plastic white stools that were there to help them see the tanks. They stacked them, jumped off of them, and carried them around. They did everything BUT stand still and look at the fish. Go figure! We took them to McDonald's and let them RUN on the indoor playground after the aquarium to help them get the ants out of their pants before naptime. Simple days of fun activity with fun friends!

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