Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Let the Sunshine In!

The past two weeks have brought more bright days with postcard blue skies than I thought possible in Belgium. Everyone spills outdoors and the city has come alive. Especially the restaurant-laden area we live in. I really have come to appreciate the sunny days even more than before since we are cursed with so many grey ones here.

Connor and I have been out and about soaking it all in. I keep my camera handy because the sun makes everything sharpen and sparkle in an unexpected way. We especially love our visits to the Parc de Bruxelles. I decided indeed this would be the site for Connor's 2nd birthday party. Hopefully at the gazebo... It will be an Old MacDonald theme! We even saw a bunch of PUPPIES in the Grand Place enjoying the sun too! A couple weeks ago I was so euphoric about the weather when I left the Women's Club I simply could not bring myself to get on the crowded bus back into town. We were headed to Brady's house in Ixelles to play and Connor didn't take a nap while I was volunteering in the cafe as I anticipated she would. So I called Karen and told her I wasn't sure when we would get there and I pushed Connor the 5.2 miles from the Club to Brady's house while Connor napped. I didn't intend to walk the entire way, but every time I passed one of the bus stops something willed me to keep walking. I learned so much more about the surrounding areas than I ever could on the bus. I discovered the towns of Etterbeck and Uccle. Everyone was out and about shopping or lunching at a cafe. We even detoured a tiny bit into the Brussels forest. Don't worry Mom, we were very, very safe. I was thankful for the freedom to listen to that little voice inside that beckoned me to take the time to enjoy the 2 hour spontaneous walk.When we reached Ixelles both kids had napped and we went over to the nearby lakes to feed the ducks. We even ran into some expat friends! What a day.No doubt the rains will return, but for now we have the windows open and combined with the light nights we are on cloud nine. I asked my friend, Julia, if this was normal for Belgium and if the summer would bring more days like these. She said it would warm up but that these weeks were especially unique. She thinks people will still be talking about “those weeks in April” throughout the summer – when it wasn’t too hot, wasn’t too cold, but everything was just right!

Click here for more photos of the SUN (full album)

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