Friday, April 17, 2009

Somersaults in Bed

Last night we put Connor to bed just after Kirk got home from work. She hadn't had a decent nap since we went to the zoo (more to come about that), yet she was wired and excited to see her daddy. He got home just as we were reading our last stories and winding down for the night. Well when Kirk came in the door that was just the adrenaline rush Connor needed. She hadn't gotten out all the wiggles by the time we said goodnight and put her in her crib. Kirk lingered a little while while I tended to other things. Then I hear "Reid, come quick! Connor just turned a full somersault in her crib!" Sure enough I run in and there is our little acrobat doing flip after flip - banging into the rails every time and then breaking into peals and peals of laughter. And then looking up at us for approval. Too bad we couldn't stop laughing. Look out Mary Lou - here comes Connor, the gymnast!

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