Sunday, April 5, 2009


We are big pomegranate fans in our house - especially Connor. It is the perfect snack since it takes so long for little fingers to pick up the little seeds and scoop them into Connor's little, baby-bird mouth. Of course it takes just as long to pick out and prepare all of these little seeds from the fruit and everything turns red and purple in the process as I am 'juiced' - but still totally worth it. I am told pomegranates are incredibly good for you - which is good since Connor eats a lot of them.

Have you ever peeled and seeded a pomegranate? I had not until Connor developed a taste for them. I had only seen the inside in paintings. Pomegranates make popular still life subjects for art. But nothing is quite as delightful as the ruby red, fleshy fruit in real life. The way it is sectioned is just peculiar and curious. No wonder so many artists use the fruit as their muse.

At Christmas mom and I went to 3 different grocery stores in one day and then sat in line to pay for 2 pomegranates for 45 minutes just to be sure Connor had some for Christmas morning. What a workout. And my other pomegranate memory is in college Adair and I used to assign fruits to people. I was a peach and Adair was a pomegranate. Other friends were strawberries, kiwis, and apples. Seems like an odd game to play in retrospect, but what won't you do to procrastinate from studying in college? So here's to you - Adair, the Pomegranate!

For all the purple fingernails and stained shirts, I am still glad Connor enjoys pomegranates so much. What a luscious fruit!

Update: My sweet friend Tonya just sent me the following link which is bound to make a world of difference in the hours it takes me to peel and cut pomegranates. Just wanted to post in case it helps you too!

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