Monday, April 6, 2009

"Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy of Company B"

This big bugle megaphone horn is right near the Midi train station in Brussels and on the walk I take to get to the bus to get to the Women's Club. I always want to climb up the stairs and yell something funny or important through the mouthpiece. But I am afraid I would look too nerdy! I would! And I don't want Connor to be embarrassed to be out with her mother already - save that for teenage years.
But it is pretty unique, don't ya think? Makes me always start singing "Boogie, woogie bugle boy of company B!" in my mind. Now that is pretty dorky.

Also on the way to and from the Club we pass these men made out of logs on Waterloo Avenue. No rhyme or reason for why they are there. They just hang out and wave to all the buses and cars and people zooming by in front of them. Right beside the avenue is this grand forest and these guys are sitting right along the outside. They seem to say to the traffic, "Hey, what's the hurry? Come on into the forest and play!" --- OK maybe the fact that I imagine what these guys are saying really does show that Connor and I need to be around people more. And confirms I am a little crazy. But happy crazy, so that is okay.

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