Thursday, April 2, 2009

Mexican in Brussels

One thing all Americans bemoan in Brussels is the lack of Mexican food here. It just doesn't exist - although there is a Chi-Chis around the corner from us, but that certainly doesn't count. We were able to find Pablo's where we can go for a decent margarita and chips & salsa. But who wants to pay top prices for cheap Mexican food?!?! Even in the grocery stores the jalapenos I buy are 4 times as expensive as in the States and come in a box labeled "exotics." Sad when a jalapeno is considered exotic!

We stumbled across an effective solution though for the Mexican food predicament. This "Mexigo" guy will take an order by Wednesday and deliver your food directly to your door on Friday evening after preparing it himself. He is Mexican and he gets it in terms of spices and salsa. The green salsa is my favorite. We have found the taquitos a tad dry, but everything else has hit the spot. The best part is ordering enough not only for Friday night dinner, but also to have leftovers for several days. Great business plan, Mr. Mexigo!

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