Saturday, April 18, 2009


Little does Connor know, but this is our last bag of Cheerios....we opened it earlier this week.Along with our shipment of clothes and furniture from the USA we went to Costco before we left Atlanta and loaded up on food and hygiene items we knew either did not exist in Europe, or they were so expensive here that made them cost prohibitive. I think we came over with probably 10 big bags of Cheerios! Along with enough toothpaste, deodorant, and paper towels to last us for years to come.
But I guess now we are going to have to find a Belgian alternative to Cheerios! They are a little bulky to have shipped over or to ask visitors to bring with them in suitcases. Other special items we brought over and are depleting include: Pepperidge Farm Goldfish, Kraft Mac & Cheese, toddler toothpaste, and Johnson & Johnson Baby Wash. It is so funny what you crave from afar when you can't have it. For now, we are guarding our last Cheerios!

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WingfieldsInBrussels said...

The British store (called Stone Manor with a location in in Waterloo and the one off the E-40) sell Multi-Grain Cheerios. They are not 100% the same, but maybe Connor won't notice!