Monday, March 2, 2009

Weather Flip Flop

While the American East coast is getting pounded with snow and all of you Southerners are building snowmen and catching snowflakes on your tongues, this is what we are seeing out our apartment windows today.
How strange?!?! In Belgium!!! Land of clouds and grey skies. Wish we had had more time to enjoy these blue skies, but we have been busy unpacking and grocery shopping and normal Monday errands when back from travels. (Laundry is still everywhere, but I have to ease myself into that chore). We spent the past weekend in Berlin, Germany. It was a great trip - but more on that in a later post.

Because our flight didn't land until this morning and we were off schedule, routines and sleep times were a little up in the air. Connor had a hard time napping this afternoon with all the excitement of greeting all her toys left behind. So we were a little loosy-goosy here. Around 4:30 PM I got up the motivation to head to the grocery store. But since Connor was still in her PJs post-nap-attempts and pre-an-early-bedtime, I looked at her and just lacked the initiative to change her back into real clothes. So I plopped her in the stroller and off we went to the grocery store (note the bags) with Connor in her PJs. Since there really is no chance to see anyone I know, I thought - why not?But be careful if you keep a sleepy toddler in a stroller in her PJs 2 hours before bedtime........because this is what Connor looked like 5 minutes into our grocery shop! Oh well. We will try again tomorrow for a more consistent schedule.

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