Monday, March 2, 2009

Our GREEN Hotel in Berlin

While in Berlin we stayed at the Artotel Berlin City Center West. It was our best Priceline deal at $75 per night - including taxes. Not necessarily the cheapest we have ever scored in our bidding, but definitely the classiest for the buck. The bold colors and Andy Warhol theming were perfect for the bright, "becoming-modern" city of Berlin.
Most of you know, but the way works is that you place a bid for accommodation, specifying your preferred location and the number of stars you want in a hotel (but you can't choose a specific hotel). Within minutes your bid is either accepted or denied by reply email. But the "winning" hotel is the luck of the draw. So it is always a little bit of a roulette as to what you end up with. The Artotal was a good match for us. The only drawback was that it was a 20 minute walk from the train we definitely got our exercise this weekend.

Imagine our surprise when we walked in and saw our GREEEEEN room! It was happy and a fun surprise. Even if it was overwhelming with all the green!
Connor's favorite part was definitely the purple chairs in our room. They were formed perfectly for her to climb on and shaped right around her little body. She used the purple chairs for eating and especially for reading books. And she definitely knew the word "purple" by the end of our stay!

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