Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Rose Ceremony at the Grocery Store?

As you may have read before in my blog, the grocery store here is probably the most jarring change I have encountered in Belgium. People are often rude and run right into you - without even apologizing or acknowledging. I don't think I will ever get used to that. It is always busy and a little "ghetto" - part of this is just living smack in the middle of downtown, I am sure. The grocery stores in the 'burbs seem to be a lot more user-friendly and cordial. Plus it usually takes me double the time it would in the USA to figure out what is what and to translate products from French to English. I am not complaining - that is just par for the course and part of the challenge here. That said I do sometimes feel like I have to suit up in my armor to go food shopping.

The other day I was surprised when I saw ladies leaving our downtown grocery with single roses in hand. I thought maybe it was some type of lottery or credit card gimmick they were roping people in to. So I was shocked at check out - when I was frantically trying to bag the groceries to keep up with the check out clerk - she gave me a red rose!!! I am still not sure why or what was being celebrated. And it was wilting and on its last leg, but hey - it was a gesture of kindness at the grocery store. That doesn't go unnoticed!Of course after I hauled all of these groceries home Connor overlooked the rose and dug right in... find the....


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