Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Daily Pick Up

If you were a fly on our wall every night at 7:15 PM then you would see us performing the same task over and over again. Every night after we put Connor to bed we survey the living area and it seems every block is out and every book off the shelf. I do get Connor to help in the pick ups (notice they are plural!) throughout the day to learn the "clean up" concept, but usually by bedtime we are all exhausted so we focus on getting her into the crib.

It is actually one of my favorite times. Kirk and I sit on the floor together putting puzzles together and stacking blocks. It is usually one of the first times I have my head screwed on enough to ask about his day at work and connect. So it is not a bad chore at all. Plus there is something so gratifying about seeing everything organized and clear to bridge into the adult part of my day - the evening!

As I put the books away at night I am always amazed at the quantity of books we read in a day. It is also funny because it seems Connor has to "bless" or warm up to books. Some she will sit through with an intensity and focus that surprises me and then others she will close and say "The End" before I finish the first page. I am pleased every time a new book is allowed into our repertoire.

The other daily pick up routine is in the kitchen. I am so fortunate because Kirk is usually a champ and takes the lead on this. I know, I got a good one! Thanks for raising him so right, Carol and Ed! Kirk never complains and methodically does the dishes and renews our tiny kitchen.

Last night I hosted our first ever BCT Book Club Meeting. There were 6 of us and we read the book Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. I made a baked pasta casserole in honor of the "Italy" portion of the book for our guests. Then later on I baked some pumpkin bread to take to a new mother this is what our kitchen looked like after all of that! Yikes.

A small kitchen gets quickly cluttered. I let Kirk off the hook on this one. Don't worry Mom. Everything is now away and in the dishwasher, which is humming away.

Our Daily Pick Ups are just a part of the rhythm of life here in Brussels.

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