Monday, March 30, 2009

Opening Doors!

We are in as we knew it is changing in our little apartment!
Connor has learned to open doors.
She has known how for a while but luckily the European door handles were much taller in our apartment than back in Atlanta. We would just close all the doors and let her scamper up and down the hall and living room.
But the other day I heard a door open. I skadaddled over and Connor was looking sheepish as she opened the closet/pantry. And then yesterday I followed her to find her with the door closed behind her in our bedroom. Uh oh. Her little mind is just so curious and her legs so long (to climb up on things - like our bed!) so she does require a level of constant supervision. I need to always know where she is to anticipate her next feat. So now I am either on the hunt for something to childproof all of our doors, or we are in for some interesting days ahead! All those tall genes she got from Kirk are really starting to be put to work.

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