Monday, March 30, 2009

Daylight Savings

We are 3 weeks behind in our adoption of Daylight Savings over here. Or maybe it is just that the USA went early. Our changeover just happened last Saturday (2 nights ago). Anyway, we are right now living the second night of brightness. It usually makes me elated to have so much more daylight and blue sky to play in. The air of freedom and the knock of summer are just what the doctor ordered.

But unfortunately, we have had a tiny con to this most recent "spring forward." Connor is all off kilter. It amazes me that the child can handle the 6 hour time zone changes no problem as we crisscross the Atlantic, yet shift an hour and she doesn't bounce back as easily. Especially if it now means light streaming into her room at bedtime. The past two nights have been unsettling as she usually makes nary a peep and falls asleep. But she has been rustling about and calls for us - loudly. I will indulge her twice - go in and rub her back and tell her to sleep - and then she is on her own. Luckily that is usually what it takes. I should be on the lookout for a blackout shade to hide the light, but I think maybe just time and routine will ease the adjustment, I hope! On the flip side a later wake up call isn't such a bad thing.

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WingfieldsInBrussels said...

Just a little heads up that it will just start staying light out longer and longer as we get into the summer. By the middle of the summer it will still be light out around 10pm! It is really wonderful, but does make it feel very odd to be light as you are going to sleep. I would definitely recommend getting a black out shade (you can get them at Brico).