Sunday, March 1, 2009

Hugs and Kisses from Connor

My endearing daughter has a new habit to melt my heart. She is a champ in giving "tight hugs" and smackdown smooches these days. The other night we were putting Connor to bed and after prayers the routine includes big hugs and kisses for mom and dad. It is one of the very best parts of the day!

Well on this night she must have been brimming with love because Connor decided she was going to really lay one on me. After a bear hug Connor put both of her hands on my face and pulled me close. She held me close kissing me on the lips and wouldn't let go! The kiss must have lasted 30 seconds. It was to the point that I couldn't help but to look over at Kirk and burst into laughter. Which of course made Connor laugh too.

The other bedtime routine with kisses is this: Connor gets in her crib and then we give her consecutive kisses through the slats of her crib. We follow her as she scoots right down the crib. Slat by slat and kiss by kiss!

Bedtime is wonderful. I will have to remember these hugs and kisses when Connor is a teenager and moms and kisses are NOT cool.

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