Saturday, February 28, 2009

Aging Play Dough

OK, here is a dilemma for you. Leave a comment if you have a magic solution:
Connor LOVES play dough. We cut shapes together and roll it and practice colors with it. Whoever came up with play dough is a genius! Now the challenge we face is this. Our American play dough is getting a little old and crusty. Wish I could say we were always on top of putting it back in the cans the second we finish with it, but we aren't. We try, but you know the powers of other toy distractions are strong. Cleaning up immediately is not always cool! So if anyone knows a way to re-moisturize play dough, please let us know!

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Dallas said...

Not sure about remoisturizing, but you can make homemade playdoh, even edible playdoh (but I think the edible kind has peanut butter in it). You might try googling homemade playdoh recipes, and I think I might even have some food dye if you need some.