Friday, February 20, 2009

Let's Make Music

One of the best recommendations I got when moving to Brussels was to enroll in La Chaise Musical classes. These are a combination of nursery rhymes, songs, instruments, and dance - one hour courses every Friday morning. Conducted totally in French. Luckily though there is one class a week made up of totally "Anglophones" (English-speakers) which we joined, so while the class is totally French there is camaraderie and commonality amongst us. Although we are the only Americans - everyone else is British or Irish and living in Brussels.

And after class every week we cross the street and converse as a group over coffee and croissants. It makes for the most delightful morning experience. I took some photos today so you could peek into our music class fun.

Connor's all time favorite song (which she can sing in French!) is "Bateau, Sur L'Eau." The above 2 photos show the group singing the infamous Bateau song, creating a boat (bateau) for Mr. Elephante! Lyrics are: "Bateau, sur l'eau, La rivière, la rivière, Bateau, sur l'eau La rivière au bord de l'eau. Le bateau a chaviré Tous les enfants sont tombés Dans l'eau" Not sure if I should be concerned that Connor's favorite song is about children falling out of a boat into the water!

My Meme must be smiling down from Heaven at this photo!
PS - Carol, Thanks so much for downloading Picasa to our computer when you were here. I am having a BALL with it - clearly!

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