Friday, January 30, 2009

Sour Cream and Salt!!!

OK - so after literally 12 times in the grocery store in Brussels specifically searching for sour cream, I found it!!! I bought several things I thought might be sour cream during my past runs - only to find out it was another version of either cheese or it is a banner day! Woo hoo!Good thing too because we have new friends coming for dinner on Sunday and I am planning to make chili. That is if I can now find beans. But will tackle that later. Now I am still in the glow of my sour cream find!!!
The other item I found at the grocery was salt or "sel" (French). I have just learned that you are supposed to put salt in your dishwasher (in addition to the detergent) to counteract the calcium from the hard water here. Ooops. How was I supposed to know that? You are also meant to put anticalcaire (?) in your washing machine for the same reason. Rumor is if you don't do these extra steps you will break both appliances and gunk up the pipes. Well, the dishwasher and the washing machine are pretty important to me over here, so I immediately obliged - hopefully not too much damage done thus far. Will have to find that anticalcaire though next time. My arms were full on this grocery run! Connor had fun with the salt. She is in to trying to pick up heavy things these days.

So the scavenger hunt of finding items over here continues. I find it kooky to have to put so many different products in the cleaning appliances, but when in as the Belgians do, I suppose.

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