Friday, January 30, 2009

A Comb and A Brush, and A Bow! (not a bowl full of mush)

If you know Connor, you probably know her as our little bald baby. Honestly barely any hair to speak of. Well something in Brussels must be agreeing with her little hair follicles. This morning I looked at her head and I swear her hair grew in her sleep!!! Blonde curls are budding everywhere. So this morning I just had to pull out the silver baby comb and brush for the first time ever and try for a bow. Connor thought it was fun and kept touching her head and patting the "pretty bow"!!! She was happy to announce her "pretty bow" to anyone who would listen and seemed to skip along with an extra spring in her step. And all the boys at Music Class this morning were impressed, I could tell. We still have a long way to go before a haircut is in order, but the bow was a pretty big deal. Look at my sweet girl!

PS - A huge congrats to my friend and colleague, Carole "Nana" Johnson, on the birth of her second grandchild - a girl this time. Kennedi Skye was born yesterday with enough hair to braid....really. Wow!

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