Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Hungry, Hungry Hippo?

So we have a new parenting challenge with our little angel. Her mealtime eating is becoming increasing more selective. I guess she was doomed from the start with Kirk and I both being the world's pickiest eaters as children! But now we are having to cut out most snacks and down on the drinks in hopes of a few bites at regular meal time. Ugh. I am told this food refusal is a VERY common stage. Luckily Connor continues to thrive and be very happy. Just pray for my sanity because it is so hard to try to be creative about new foods to try only to be rejected (especially with Connor's allergies to nuts and eggs). Combined with still trying to conquer Belgian grocery shopping....which will be a never ending journey, I think.

But luckily my sweet friends from home have indirectly inspired me (and they probably don't even know it). Jen Spears taught me all about quinoa - a type of grain/barley - that is wonderful, especially with some garlic and spinach mixed in. It is quite healthy and we have been able to convince Connor it is "rice" or "pasta" and she usually takes a few bites. She is definitely gaining in her quinoa endurance. AND my sweet friend, Brooke Bagwell, taught me about the wonders of chopping up and eating a kiwi as a snack. Connor LOVES kiwi now. And I can't cut up a kiwi without thinking about and missing sweet Brooke!! This combined with a love for pomegranate seeds still. So we are good with the fruit and carbs - but we will keep working on the veggies and meats. I hope this ends as quickly as it came on!

So instead of actually eating her dinner, my heart had to melt the other night when Connor insisted on tucking "Clay" into her seat and fed him!

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