Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Crib Camp-Out

I have to confess, becoming a stay at home mom has made me much more conscious of my busy toddler and all the risks out there for her to hurt herself. Some of my fears are normal and justified but I think some are just from being with her so much more and seeing the way she "tackles" the world every moment of the day. Being a parent is such incredible and awesome responsibility when coupled with the immense love you have for this little life. Compound that with being basically "alone" during the day in a strange country - and I think that explains it.

In light of this we bought a "crib tent" since Connor was starting to climb over her crib rail - giving me mini heart attacks every time. I was somewhat reluctant toward the product because it seemed it would encage Connor. But she LOVES it. She looks forward to getting in her tent and goes "zip, zip, zip" encouraging us to zip her in. It is like a big cave embracing her in coziness. And I rest much easier knowing she is more secure and happy.

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