Wednesday, January 14, 2009

GREEN and BIG Muh-Muh

Connor is like her mom - she is attaching to lovey security items. I won't even begin to tell you how long I rubbed the lining of my special pillow growing up. Connor's security item of choice is a blanket with satin on it. I don't know why or how, but Kirk and Connor started calling her little green lovey "Muh Muh." When I was home for Christmas I searched a lot of stores to try to find additional Muh Muhs, just in case we happened to lose or need to wash the first (always good to have a back up). Well the only thing I could find was a blue "Muh Muh" that is probably 5 times the size of the first. Kirk then taught Connor to call this new blanket BIG (pronounced Beeeeeg) Muh Muh. She loved the new name and squishes up her face to call for "Big Muh Muh" in a very high pitch (not sure why).

OK - so with that background, we have also been practicing our colors lately. Connor's hands down favorite color to say is "Green" - everything is green. Well today we were playing and Connor had the original Muh Muh and spontaneous started calling it "GREEN Muh Muh." So now we have a Green Muh Muh and a BIG Muh Muh. Meet them both!
The other funny thing that just had to be captured was as we were getting dressed. Connor ran into our room with her Davidson bib flipped around like a cape. I just had to laugh. SUPER CONNOR! A Wildcat in the making!

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